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The Lady Bug will be black have Bright red wings. with twinkling lights.  Here headlights will be bright eyes.

The flatbed of the cart will have pillows to provide our passengers with a comfortable ride.

The Disco Bar is decorated with 70's retro materials, comfortable benches, a lit dance floor, DJ lights and of course A DISCO BALL!




Disco Lady Bug art car - Decor.jpg

Our crazy cute Lady Bug and our outlandish 70's disco bar are designed to be eye catching

Wings are taking shape, chicken wire applied to create shape, then 4mm EVA foam 

Apholstering seats on trailer

Creating seats on Trailer.jpg

Side panels in bright rainbow colors have rope lights that will make it look like disco backlighting

Affixed to the panels will be 48" silhouettes of disco dancers

 Disco Bar Side Panels

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