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Three passionate musicians, Bridget, George and Simona thought it would be a gift to bring a baby grand piano to the playa. Two of the three were burner virgins and one had been once 15 years prior.

With excitement and naivete we jumped feet first into creating a bar that would offer our fellow burners a place to come create and enjoy acoustic music.

The project quickly grew and fortunately faith brought one more member to our family, Yasmine a long time burner and a group of friends joined us and BRC Piano Bar became a reality. 2019 welcomed our newest member of our family Bassil, whose humor and passion keeps the camp moving forward.

For 2021 we are excited for another fabulous year, it is our hope to add one new addition that will allow us to meet new burners all over the playa.....our new Art Car...... Disco LadyBug!

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